Discover Barcelona

Barcelona is an open, vibrant and creative city with a busy cultural, political, business and commercial life. It is a metropolis where every imaginable language can be heard, as well as a city that invites its residents and visitors alike to discover its Catalan culture and traditions.

It is well known that excitement makes you hungry but there's no need to look at your watch in Barcelona. While it's true that Catalans eat later than most Europeans, there are always eating establishments open in the city, whether they are simple bars for eating a sandwich (spread with tomato, oil and salt, as is the custom) or restaurants recommended by the best food guides.

In general, Barcelona's opening hours are very extensive: its shops never close before 8 pm, with many staying open even later. And when retailers lower their shutters, the city's night life begins, offering you a lively cultural programme that includes all kinds of theatre, dance and live music shows. Evenings are a favourite time for Barcelonians during the spring and autumn for meeting up with friends on one of the many street terraces to be found in the city. Catalans have a reputation for being hard-working —which they are— but that doesn't meant they don't enjoy partying. The night is long in Barcelona...

Step into the city’s districts and neighbourhoods, and enjoy its attractions. Make the most of all Barcelona has to offer: urban areas, cultural and architectural heritage, nature areas, leisure, study centres, museums, recommendations on where to go shopping or practice sports, and much more.

Find out about the various themed routes, guided tours and proposed trips available for exploring the wealth and diversity of Barcelona’s urban landscape.